Friday, 8 June 2007


In the exhibition, bankleer realised the screening of REALE RESTE on a glass screen hanged down from the ceiling. Accompanying their video projection, bankleer placed a sculpture. A non-static monument. A fountain.
A police cap placed on top of a chocolate machine. The chocoate flows smoothly and smearingly over the cap.

REALE RESTE / REAL REMNANTS by bankleer is an application of the central theses of Slavoj Zizek's The Ticklish Subject to the neoliberal economy. bankleer makes use of the archetype of the zombie as it has entered into cultural memory via Homer's Odyssey , Haitian voodoo and Hollywood movies, in their quest for a direct confrontation with true universality - which Zizek sees as represented in the excluded. REALE RESTE / REAL REMNANTS wants to make visible what is excluded in all-inclusive post-politics [Agamben/Rancière ] and how this excluded dimension can be politically realized in a new way.

REALE RESTE is a mirroring of the current individual. The metaphorical standing of the elements in the film all relate to fields of social encounters and power structures. Depicting a wording of Zizek, places their art production in a composite direction. REALE RESTE is a statement more than a proposal, ending with an optimist outlook to the future of things.
bankleer realises activist encounters such as perfomances in a employment office, shooting at a zoo, depicting a botanic garden for a setting. As an artist group they enrich their art production within the events that they organise and the theoretical background in which they deploy a strong critical standing.

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