Friday, 8 June 2007

Florian Wüst

Belated Advocacy is a series of drawings, video animations and photocopies.
The work has been specially produced for the exhibition.

Belated Advocacy is an urge to grasp the mind set of ongoing schemes. The images being exhibited has been cleaned off / abstracted from their surroundings even put out of their flesh. The projection into 2-dimensions appears to be the streamline of Wust’s approach and willing. The line drawings in their most simple expression underline what has been drawn, what has been underlined. The figures of the political genre, their captured images in their casualties and in preparation of their images for their audience hence for their public.
The video animations based on small gestures gain their power in the repetition. The repetition displays the void. Bayram sevgidir is picked from the news media image of Tayyip Erdogan who was showing kindness and gratitude to the school girl who presented him flowers. The image that is constructed to meet the expectations of the public.
As in the video animation titled Sechs Milliarden Gewinn, the absurd relation of the amount of profit made in the last year with the movement of the fingers displaying the significance. The glory is underestimated in order to draw an image or poverty.

The photocopies are clippings from newspapers. The news that have appeared in different context and brought together to reflect upon the absurdity of the consumption of power structures with the artists commentaries. The as if real state of what is being told in the news is a construction of the artist but in a way displays a parallelism of what is called to be real.
Creative sentencing is a drawing of a young woman who is carrying a board that states I am a thief I stole from wall mart. The ritual that is now legalised by the municipalities in USA in correlation with the wall mart super market chain. Instead of giving money or imprisonment punishment, the people who are caught while they were stealing from the market are made to carry these boards in front of the wall mart for several hours. The exhibiting of the guilt, the insult is not being turned over as the artist comments under the image.
The line of drawings and video animations and photocopies is a discussion of the ambivalent relationship between individual and society and representatives of power. A commentary realised in a silent and strong voice.

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