Friday, 8 June 2007

Bashir Borlakov

Panorama 4 is from the series of five.
For the exhibition, it has been printed in the size of 65 x 433 cm.

Bashir Borlakov, realises large scale panoramas of landscapes in his series. Each member of the serie has a different combination of a landscape, which displays parallellism with the expression. A naturally pitoresque panorama , transforms its indifference to difference via details. The detail that is embedded in the nature has the power of turning over the romanticism of the image upside down. In panorama 4, the encounter of the green landscape with a beautiful sky is carried out to be the misé-en-scéne of a getting rid of a corpse. The indefinable gender of the naked corpse, the aftermath of a commitment of crime and its very moment of erasing the act, the act of making non-existent, the lyrical surrounding.
For Bashir Borlakov’s work it is maybe much proper to produce a wording: Nature Mort
A natur morté of our today… The dead in nature, the encounter of death and nature… Unlike the classical natur morté examples – the flowers in a vase, the apples with pears and grapes on a plate…- Borlakov’s natur morté displays the realm of us as such. It is not only a crime out of blue, the features of the car, the clothing of the people the deportation of the corpse give us hints and lead us to project in our means.

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