Saturday, 9 June 2007

Kirstine Roepstorff

Study of Anthropology and Human Kind is a series of collages specially produced for the exhibition.
Courtesy Peres Projects, Los Angeles Berlin

The imagery produced as a proposal to rethink over the humankind in relation with the methodology of anthropology. Where anthropology fails to grasp the totality of aspects of humanity. Roepstorff deals with concepts as such. Her artistic practice tends to take the concept out of its bounds and re-establish its relational aesthetics. The history of humankind, is of images depicted from a close past. What has been through, where has been underlined, what has come out… The compositions of decomposed imagery are allied with cut outs, gold and silver paper, textures, textile pieces, glitters. The pieces stand out themselves and with each other.
The wall installation of Roepstorff requires attention and time from its audience. Its colourful state functions as an enjoyment aspect for the eye, whereas getting closer to the images, small cut outs of pictures, texts and taking a further look at the togetherness of the pieces and pieces in themselves point out a multi-layered stance.

Study of Humankind and anthropology has been specially produced for the lost moment. Roepstorff, who has established her artistic practice on collages, in other words taking out images from their frames and inserting them in different togetherness is an act of making a primordial significance order. For this work, Roepstorff has chosen to work with what she has left behind in the process of her productions. That is to say, she has focussed on the remains of the cut outs, what she has decided to be less important. The lost moment embodies itself in her work through the unchosen being chosen. The images of the rest have been transformed to attain significance, an importance to be considered again, to be looked back, to request their presences and their potential of creating meaning, being meaningful.
The wall installaton has various dynamics. Two pieces are of her previous series Grow Your Garden. Grow your garden is a proposal to think over what you are surrounded by and with which images, ideas, energies, thoughts, intentions, attentions, attainments, come-acrossings, tolerance, power, love … A statement on how you make up of your self and a proposal of widening up your scope of understanding and living, with the awareness of others – other plants, trees, forests, lakes, rivers… (which come out to be metaphors of knowledge on humankind)
The piece where the Pope connects to four well-known terrorists is accompanied with a row of sea shells asks for another relation, asks for a change of evaluation, understanding.

Roepstorff employs images as patterns. The repeating image of the woman (presumably a native living in a rural civilization, a woman of strong expression and standing) with different costumes and expressions resembles the world of possibilities. The different possibilities that the woman carries through the pieces is a proposal of perspectives. Roepstorrf produces perspectives of many, thus enriches her production and the meaning spheres that are due to be (re)produced in relation with their viewer.

The construction of deconstructed in collage where every element talks from the same ground, frontal or from behind engage interaction…

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